Preventing Further E.coli Outbreaks

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 11, 2006

State Senator Dean Florez called a special hearing on the deadly e-coli outbreak which stemmed from California produce.  Citing several examples over the last decade, Florez said government agencies should do more to prevent the food-borne illness—and that will be the focus of a series of bills next year.

                            “It will focus on runoff, it will focus a lot on testing water in a much bigger way for testing these pathogens.”
            The Food and Drug Administration along with the state Department of Health Services have been investigating the recent outbreaks of e-coli in spinach and lettuce. According to the F-D-A the industry should develop a plan to minimize another incident but implementation would be voluntary.  A spokeswoman for the California Farm Bureau says talk of legislation is premature and farmers are waiting for the investigation to finish before determining the next step.