Religious Leaders Urged To Speak Out Against Abuse

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 5, 2006

Advocates against domestic abuse say the local faith community could do more to help victims. Nilda Valmores is with My Sister’s House which offers shelter to Asian and Pacific Islander women.

"Many of the clients have talked about how it’s difficult for them especially when they meet with religious leaders and the response is that they have to be a better wife and just pray."

Valmores says it’s particularly hard for immigrant women because most of them come from cultures in which domestic abuse isn’t talked about. She’s working with religious leaders to create a board of churches focused on domestic violence.

One of those religious leaders is the Reverend Mark Throckmorton of the United Church of Christ in Elk Grove.  

"Churches and faith communities have often been seen as those who tolerate or even support domestic violence and that is clearly changing."

Throckmorton and other advocates against domestic violence are planning a conference of local faith leaders to deal with the issue. The seminar is scheduled for February.