State Survey Warns of Disturbing Teen Drug Use Trend

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Researchers found students’ drug and alcohol use is leveling off following sharp declines in the late 1990’s. The survey shows slightly less drug and alcohol use among older students, but slightly more among seventh graders.  California’s Director of the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs Kathryn Jett says she’s pleased to see an overall downward trend but notes disturbing news that’s emerged for the first time about students’ use of prescription painkillers, like Vicodin.

  “We need to reach out to families. There’s legitimate uses for painkillers, there’s legitimate uses for prescription drugs. As a parent you need to be vigilant about where those drugs are kept 

 The survey results show prescription painkillers were abused by 15 percent of eleventh graders, 9 percent of ninth graders and 4 percent of seventh graders.