Theatre Review: Capital Stage's "Boy Gets Girl"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 3, 2006

It begins pleasantly enough, with a blind date. The guy offers to drive halfway across New York City to meet the woman at her home. She declines the ride, and confides in a co-worker, who tells her not to worry.

(excerpt from play)

But what looked like gallantry turns out to be obsessive behavior. And when the woman tells the guy she doesn’t want to go on another date, his behavior turns seriously strange. As the situation slides from bad to worse, the woman’s life is enveloped by crisis – at home, and at work. And that makes for a dark but memorable play, as the woman’s relationships with everyone around her are stressed, and bonds of appropriate behavior are tested. “Boy Gets Girl” is emotionally unsettling but deeply thought provoking, an unusual combination. This excellent production by Capital Stage is the first outstanding show of the new fall season, with remarkable performances by local favorites Stephanie Gularte and David Campfield.

"Boy meets Girl" plays on the Delta King Riverboat in Old Sacramento through November 5th.