Supporters And Protestors Turn Out To See President

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Supporters yelled, and some saluted, as the President and his entourage drove by.  Debbie Hernandez of Shingle Springs took her son out of elementary school and brought him with her to stand on the street corner, in hopes of catching a glimpse of President Bush:
I don’t think another President will probably come around in my lifetime, so close, 7 miles away, you know you have to travel really far to see somebody of such great importance.
But Larry Smith of Auburn wasn’t happy to see the President.  Smith is fed up with the war in Iraq:
We’re generating hatred in the Muslim world, we’re killing Americans and Iraqis, we’re going into debt, it’s a disaster, absolute disaster.

 The president hopes to raise more than 2 million dollars for Republicans during a West Coast swing through Nevada, California, Colorado and Arizona.