President Bush Makes Fundraising Visit for Local Candidates

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(Reno, NV)
Tuesday, October 3, 2006

President Bush made a quick stop in Reno Monday night in support of Nevada GOP House Candidate Dean Heller.   During the event, a photo with Mr. Bush cost two thousand one hundred dollars, and the cash strapped Heller campaign raised a little more than three hundred thousand dollars in two hours.  The candidate was pleased with the visit and says he’s not concerned about Mr. Bush’s low approval ratings …


“I’m not worried about it what-so-ever … I was aked that question earlier today, and I said, you know, we got Jimmy Carter out here stumpin’ … I remember in highschool he was at twenty percent … so I think I’m on the high side of this one …”


The president will appear this morning in Stockton at a fundraiser for Representative  Richard Pombo, and Tuesday he’ll attend a two thousand dollar per-person reception in El Dorado Hills in support of Republican congressman John Doolittle.