Democrats Urge Schwarzenegger to Meet with President

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 3, 2006

State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez along with Democratic Senator Jackie Speier are urging Governor Schwarzenegger to take advantage of the President’s trip to California.  Speier says Californians only receive 79-cents back in federal spending per tax dollar paid.  She says that amounts to more than six-billion dollars owed to the state. 

“This is appalling. We are doing bonds in part today because we don’t have the resources to repair our roads to repair the levees, to build the schools.” 

Governor Schwarzenegger’s press officials have issued a list of what they call great victories in obtaining federal funding for the state, including a 40 percent increase in the most recent transportation spending bill.

President Bush will be visiting the west this week to stump for Republican congressional candidates. However, the Governor’s campaign says the two will not be meeting.