Stern's Participation Would Be A Negative For Some Arena Backers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 2, 2006

A spokesman for the NBA says it’s possible Commissioner David Stern will come to Sacramento to help push the quarter cent sales tax measure to pay for a proposed new arena. But an official with the arena campaign says he hopes Stern does not become involved, because the campaign is just starting to redefine its message so it includes more than basketball.  Sacramento State Public Policy Professor Robert Waste agrees, saying Stern’s involvement derailed other arena deals, like the one in Seattle, and NBA officials should stay away:

I think they should wait to see if people in Sacramento are going to vote for this proposal.  It doesn’t help to be nudged from the outside. 

Backers of the arena begin a new t.v. ad campaign this week, with basketball mentioned nowhere in their first ad.