Backers Of New Downtown Arena Begin T.V. Ad Blitz

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, September 29, 2006

The television ad, featuring local comedian Jack Gallagher, hits screens next Tuesday. 

You know, I’m standing on a gold mine…It’s the old Sacramento railyard...but imagine what it could be –  a vibrant city center alive with shops, housing, sidewalk cafes and a sports arena….FADE….
Sacramento State Public Policy Professor Bob Waste says the ad leaves out an important fact.  Updating the railyards will involve voter approval of about 1 point 2 billion in new taxes, to be levied over the next 15 years:

They’re really boiling it down so it’s very simple – do you want to revitalize downtown or not?  We probably should mention the price tag of that.
The ad also leaves out any mention of the Sacramento Kings, who were part of the original arena deal.
As for the No on Arena campaign, it has little money for t.v. ads, but it is mailing out informational flyers and has volunteers who are making phone calls to voters.