New Program To Cover Uninsured Kids

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, September 28, 2006
The Healthy Kids/Healthy Future program has enrolled about 50 children in its first month and only has enough money to promise coverage to kids 5 years old or younger.
But Bonnie Ferreira, executive director of the program, says the goal is to enroll about 8 thousand kids up to the age of 18:
Healthy kids are our future.  Families are choosing between paying rent and taking their kids to the doctor.
Healthy Kids/Healthy Future is funded by a mix of private and public organizations. It has money for the next few years to pay for young children who do not have private insurance, but whose families make too much money to qualify for state financed coverageOfficials are hoping voters will pass the cigarette tax initiative in November and that will provide more financing for the program.