Keeping Homeless Kids In School

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 27, 2006

In past years, the Sacramento City School District has received about $200,000 in Homeless Children and Youth grants. This year, it’s getting $100,000 – that’s about $23,000 less than district officials were hoping for.

"Yeah, we were counting on a little bit more but we’re pretty resourceful ourselves in this office so..."

Monica McRho heads the district’s homeless services program which serves about 900 homeless kids.

"They did reduce my grant from what I asked for for this year but I’m very pleased with $100,000. I think it does become more competitive as more and more districts sign on to try and get grants so it spreads the pot thinner."

School districts compete for the federal grant dollars and state education officials award the money to districts with the best plans. The money is used for everything from outreach to buying kids school supplies. The city school district serves about 900 homeless students.