Elk Grove Teens To View Anti-Speeding DVD

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The DVD starts out with a realistic and graphic simulation of a street race that ends deadly.

Elk Grove Police Chief Bob Simmons says the film is part of their zero-tolerance ordinance targeting street racers.

"We’re taking a very proactive approach to this type of behavior."

The Elk Grove City Council recently boosted penalties for street racing – drivers will have their cars impounded for 2-months and spectators could get a 6-month jail sentence.

Rick Soares is Elk Grove’s Mayor.

"Street racing is a problem in every city in America. We’ve had some high-profile ones recently."

The target audience for the film is teenagers. Ashley Stayton, a senior at Franklin High, saw it and says it made an impact. 

"I thought it sent a very powerful message just showing kids the consequences of street racing."

The new DVD will be available to Elk Grove middle and high school students.