State Democratic Party Pushes Bush-Schwarzenegger Link

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ad copy  by the Democratic party spells out a major Gubernatorial campaign strategy—it was released last month, and is airing frequently statewide … 

Governor  “Let’s go out and re-elect George W.Bush…"

Voice Over "130-thousand troops remain in Iraq under George W. Bush ...”

Governor "George W. Bush!"

But political analyst Tony Quinn says the dim view of the President in California won’t necessarily stick to the Governor. 

“The things that make President Bush most unpopular in California are his environmental policies and his social policies on the social issues and those are the areas where Schwarzenegger differs from him the most.” 

Quinn points to the Governor’s recent signing of traditionally Democratic issues such as the minimum wage.  Democrats point to what’s featured in their ad-- Schwarzenegger’s appearance two years ago for the President in the swing state of Ohio-- as the Governor’s key role in getting George Bush re-elected.