Governor, First Responders Remember September 11th

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It was an hour of stories told from several perspectives… Governor Schwarzenegger spoke of his trip to Ground Zero… 

  “But the interesting thing was I thought I’m going to go back there and pump them up and encourage them but let me tell you something it was those heroes who pumped me up.” 

Melissa Skorka is a Californian who was in the financial district that day. 

“I will always remember watching the fireball engulf the top of the towers, after the second plane hit while people screamed, people are burning! Airplane seats are falling from the skies.” 

New York City Firefighter Bill Hayes says workers became victims, too—pulverized glass in the air scratched his eyes. 

 “We irrigated my eyes and I went back into the pile.  And when you were too tired to work you laid down on the sidewalk and went to sleep.”     

At the end a prayer was said and the Governor went on to dedicate the California Global War on Terrorism Wall of Honor at the California Military Museum.