Striking Sanitation Workers Have Big Impact

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, September 8, 2006
County officials say members of Local 39, the sanitation workers’ union, are now picketing offices where they do not work.  That’s apparently prompted about 1400 other workers, who had agreed to return to the job, not to cross picket lines.
Local 39 member Greg Rossbo, who was picketing at a county landfill, says he’s ready to stay out a month at least:
I’m gonna stick it out here and hopefully we do make a big impact.
With garbage not being picked up at private homes for three days in a row, county spokesman Steve Pedrettri would like a new contract with Local 39 soon, but admits it doesn’t look good:
I can’t say that we have an indication that there will be a quick end. We’re hopeful as always that this will come to some end fairly quickly.
 The county has not gotten a response to its latest offer to the union, which was made late last week.