Voter Information Guide Sets Record

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Kim Alexander of the California Voter Foundation is a fan of the guide – no matter how lengthy.

“I see the ballot pamphlet as an island of information in a sea of noise.”

Alexander says it’s an important non-partisan source for voters who get most of their election information from the campaigns – in the form of TV spots and direct mail flyers.   But with 13 ballot measures, seven statewide office races and four board of equalization seats up, it’s a lot of reading, admits Secretary of State Bruce McPherson:

“It’s a long haul.  I don’t know how many people, what percentage will read the whole thing, but if you want to know who’s for it, who’s against it and why, it’ll give you that information.”

McPherson says the propositions themselves are long – and the legislative analyst is taking more room to explain things this year.