Governor Will Veto Health Insurance Bill

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Calling it socialized medicine, Governor Schwarzenegger laid out his reasons for the planned veto in a published op-ed piece.  He said a government-run system would create a bureaucracy and cost the state billions.  The state Chamber of Commerce applauds the move.  Spokesman Vince Sollitto:

“As evidenced by his decision to veto SB 840 the Governor does believe that this will have a dramatic impact on our economy, one he’s not willing to jeopardize.”

Anthony Wright with Health Access says it’s health and financial security for millions that’s really jeopardized and says the onus is now on Schwarzenegger to come up with a plan:

“Given the Governor’s record of having opposed other efforts to expand coverage to workers, to children and to all Californians, it’s important for him to put forward his specific plan of what he would do.”

The bill would have set up the framework for a single-payer health system – essentially creating state-run insurance.