Arena Campaigns Attract Volunteers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 4, 2006

Officials with Sacramentans Against the Arena Tax say volunteers are joining the campaign daily…and they have about 500 volunteers signed up already.
Shawnda Westly cut back on her paid work hours, to contribute about 20 hours a week to the campaign, because she says she feels strongly the proposed quarter cent sales tax increase is wrong:

I feel like it’s a tax giveaway to billionaire sports team owners.

But Doug Elmets, spokesman for Share the Vision, the pro-arena campaign, isn’t worried about the opponents’ growing ranks:

We are absolutely committed to seeing this through.  We have thousands of volunteers and supporters.

The pro-arena campaign is being led by the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce.  Opponents say, despite the amount of volunteers coming on board, they realize they will be outspent and outmanned.