Sac State Begins New School Year

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sac State’s residence halls are buzzing with activity as students move back into the dorms. Dance student Jenelle Taylor is carrying several plastic bags into her room.

"I have all my bed stuff and then my clothes and books and everything. I’m anxious, I’m nervous."

She says her move-in is going smooth…but it may end up being a rocky year at Sac State. Contract talks between faculty and the administration broke off in July and there’s no indication they’ll be getting back to the bargaining table any time soon. Cecil Canton – who heads Sac State’s faculty union – says they want a raise and they’re running out of patience. 

"All the faculty and certainly the staff feel that they’re not being respected and the raises aren’t coming."

Sac State President Alexander Gonzalez – who’s been criticized for accepting a pay raise along with other CSU presidents – struck a conciliatory tone during his annual back-to-school speech to faculty members yesterday. 

"We need to be models for our students and for society demonstrating that a group of people like us can disagree today and still be able to talk and work and be friends with one another tomorrow." 

Informal talks continue between the faculty union and CSU officials. A state mediator will be brought in if both sides reach an impasse.