Sacramento Church Group Helps Katrina Victims

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 28, 2006

36 parishioners from Faith Presbyterian Church in Sacramento spent the second week of August restoring homes in the town of D’Iberville, Mississippi. Kimberly Char worked on house damaged by 7-feet of flood water.    

"My work team we scrapped off the popcorn acoustic ceiling from a house and we refinished it to make it smooth and we painted the ceilings and the her walls."

Char says actually being in an area ravaged by the hurricanes changed her perspective. 

"I think for me it was different seeing it with my own eyes than like on TV or the newspaper and just to see how much they’ve rebuilt was amazing but to see how much was left undone was also amazing."

Another parishioner who helped renovate homes was Paul Keller who says hurricane victims were very appreciative. 

"And I think, in a lot of ways, what we did there wasn’t as important as being there and demonstrating that somebody cared about them and that they had hope."

The church group, which ranged in age from 13 to 70 spent August 5th through the 12th doing a variety of jobs from painting to setting up dry wall to plumbing and carpentry work.