Redistricting - Is It Really Dead?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 24, 2006

Technically, the state Assembly has until midnight, August 31st  to vote on a bill that would hand the legislative map over to a citizens commission.  The Senate approved the measure.  Republican Senator Roy Ashburn is a co-author : 

 “So far no one’s come up with a better idea and there’s plenty of time.  If somebody has a better idea, let’s hear it and let’s do it now, so we can get it on the ballot.”

That would be the 2008 ballot.  It’s too late for November – and that’s why the Assembly Speaker, Democrat Fabian Nunez, has said redistricting is dead for this year.  A spokesman with his office says rather than make a quick deal now, it should be openly vetted next year.   A conference committee was unsuccessful at reaching consensus last week. The Secretary of State sent a letter to Assembly leaders, asking them to consider the bill, and the Governor released a statement last week urging redistricting reform before the next census.