Sacramento Police Chief Calls for Community Help

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, August 16, 2006

There have been 45 murders in Sacramento so far this year, a rate higher than any in the past decade.
Police Chief Albert Najera says most of the murders are committed by men under the age of 25 and are gang or drug related: 

These are people that somehow have gotten into a lifestyle that glorifies and revels in violence.  And we didn’t get here quickly and we’re not going to get fixed quickly as well.
Najera says social service groups, mental health organizations, schools and churches must reach out to youth to stop the violence:

We have people, we have families, we have groups that have lost their way here and the police alone are not going to be able to deal with this issue.
The police department is now teaming with other law enforcement agencies to investigate the homicides.  Najera couldn’t say how many murders had been solved, only that the department has a 60 percent solve rate.