Time Short to Tackle Prison Crisis

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 14, 2006

Legislation supporting the Governor’s six billion dollar prison relief plan will be heard in commitees this week.  But the proposals to
build two new prisons, re-entry facilities, and a new training facility for correctional officers are far from becoming law.  Democratic Assemblymember Rudy Bermudez is authoring one of the measures:

“These bills need to be completed and if we don’t complete them as a legislative body and submit them to the Governor for signature prior to the end of session then we need to stay and do our job, whether it takes us all the way to November 30th.”

There are hundreds of bills to be debated over the next three weeks, and Dr. Barbara O’Connor, head of the Institute for the study of Politics and Media at Sacramento State, says that will certainly come into play in prison discussions, too:

“I think it’s clearly possible to get through the Governor’s proposal with amendments, but it’s clearly part of a larger package.”

O’Connor says the gubernatorial race has added an extra element of uncertainty this year.