Mayor Vows To Act Swiftly Next Time Heat Strikes

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, August 4, 2006
About half of the city’s 14 single room occupancy or SRO hotels do not have air conditioning.  During the last heat wave, three people living in the un-air conditioned SRO’s died.
Mayor Fargo says if it gets hot enough,  the city’s fire fighters and police will check on individual residents of the un-air conditioned SRO’s:
We will repeat what we did last time, only doing it sooner.  We will have people go door to door in those hotels which are un-air conditioned and make sure, you know, that each individual is okay.
The city will once again have cooling centers open for residents of SRO’s, or for anyone who needs an air conditioned place to go.
During the heat wave, authorities who did door to door checks took 8 people to cooling centers and one person to the hospital.