Audit Finds Wasteful Spending in Prison Healthcare System

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, August 2, 2006

The audit by the State Controller’s office found a lack of resources and staff has created more reliance on outside contractors.  Controller Steve Westly says that – and a lack of oversight – is costing taxpayers a lot more.  One example from the audit: A urologist who charged the state more than 2-thousand dollars an hour.   Westly says legal action is possible in cases like that.  Robert Sillen is the receiver designated by a federal judge to run the state’s prison healthcare system.  He says the findings don’t surprise him:

 “There’s nothing I’ve found in this medical care system that the state previously owned if you will, that works right.  It all doesn’t work.” 

Sillen is careful not to place blame on any one person or agency – saying the problems have been building for 30 years. Administration and Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation officials have said they’re ready and willing to work with Sillen.