Arena Site Needs Clean Up And Environmental Impact Report

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 1, 2006
One involves the environmental impact report.  It will look at how operation of the arena would affect such things as traffic, noise and air quality on the area near the arena’s planned site, the old Union Pacific Railyards north of downtown.
The report won’t be completed until this fall, and there’s no guarantee it will contain a positive outcome for arena developers. The other environmental issue has to do with clean-up of the railyard itself.  Suheil Totah, spokesman for Thomas Enterprises, the railyard developer, says there are chemicals at the site:
Various contaminants that come originally from the railroad’s operation of the site for 150 years.
Totah says groundwater is being cleaned up and new soil is being brought in to replace old soil. Environmentalists have expressed worry about the site, but Totah expects the clean-up to proceed with no problem and be completed by next year.