Coroner Investigating More Heat-Related Deaths

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, July 28, 2006

Those deaths include a 57 year old woman and a 57 year old man who were found Thursday in their homes in Downtown Sacramento.

Assistant Coroner Ed Smith says the number of heat-related deaths over the past 2-weeks of triple-digit weather is unprecedented. 

"This is a record year for days of being over 100 straight, so this is the first year we’ve seen this number of deaths."

Most of the victims were elderly - in their early to mid 80s – and suffered from various health problems. So Smith says coroner’s investigating the deaths have to look at other circumstances, such as the environment. 

"How hot is it in the room, how warm is the body, was the person complaining of being hot and uncomfortable or were they having problems breathing in there?"

Smith says they expect the series of heat-related deaths to end since weather forecasters are predicting cooler temperatures over the next few days.