Theatre Review: Tahoe Shakespeare's "Othello"

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(Sand Harbor State Park, NV)
Thursday, July 27, 2006


A cool breeze, a seat in the sand overlooking Lake Tahoe, a bit of music by harpist Wanda Perschnik before the show… there’s a lot to like about this package.


But ultimately, it’s the Shakespeare that matters at this event. And the good news from Lake Tahoe is that the festival is once again offering a balance of comedy and tragedy, something every festival needs to do.
This summer’s tragedy is “Othello,” and the production is good, if not stellar. The overpowering jealousy that drives the story is clearly articulated, but Othello’s nobility and natural leadership, aren’t quite as prominent. In this production, it’s Iago, the scheming assistant, who leaves the deepest impression, feeding Othello’s fears that his new wife is unfaithful.

(excerpt from play)

Actor Scott Coopwood, as Iago -- he’ll give you the creeps.  And remember, even though this show’s not absolutely perfect, a largely successful staging of a Shakespeare tragedy, like this one, still packs more power, and truth about life, than most lakeside entertainment options.

"Othello" plays at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival through August 19th.