Supervisor Says Yes Vote On New Arena Not A Done Deal

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Four out of five supervisors must vote to approve the sales tax increase, which would remain in effect for 15 years.  Approximately 50 percent of it would be used to build an arena for the Kings.  The rest of the money raised would go to public projects in the Sacramento region.
The 4 out of 5 vote is by no means assured, according to Sacramento Supervisor Roger Dickinson, who was directly involved in negotiating the deal with the Maloofs, owners of the Kings.  He says by law, he is allowed to directly lobby only one member of the board to try to convince that person to vote for the increase and the arena.  But he says he is optimistic the other board members will see the agreement’s merits and vote yes.
Supervisors will be hearing the issue and taking public comment on beginning at 11:15 this morning.