Blackouts Dodged for Monday; Conservation Still Urged

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 24, 2006

Walk into an office building around the state Capitol, and you won’t feel that typical cool rush of air conditioning.  That’s because they’re conserving in response to requests from California’s Independent System Operator – CAL I-S-O.  President and CEO Yakout Mansour  says every little bit helps:   

 “If you ask how far you should go, as far as you can.  78 degrees was a kind of a guideline but it is not necessarily the guideline, or the line that you should reach.  If you are comfortable with 80, with 82, please go and do that, because the more, the better.”

The last time California had rolling blackouts was during the energy crisis of 2001.  CAL-I-S-O officials say growth in hot areas of the state has increased demand for air conditioning and other appliances.