Maloof Brothers Anticipate Tough Sell On New Kings Arena

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, July 21, 2006

The plan to raise the sales tax by a quarter cent to partially finance the new arena must first go before the County Board of Supervisors for two hearings.  Joe Maloof says he and his brother Gavin will be there to hear the public comment.  And he predicts a campaign to get voters to approve the arena plan if supervisors put it on the November ballot is going to be rough going:

It’s gonna be a tough process, there’s a lot of people that are against this, and I understand it’s controversial and it involves taxing. 

Maloof wouldn’t say how much the family is willing to spend on a campaign for a new arena.  A poll taken in May by Sacramento State found more than half of those surveyed believed only private money should be used to finance a new arena.