Busy Season For Fair Political Practices Commission

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, July 14, 2006

FPPC Chair Liane Randolph says it’s a busy season for the commission. That’s because of the nature of its work – regulating political contributions – and their reporting for every elected official in the state….as well as regulating conflict-of-interest rules and lobbying activities.  Randolph says the commission’s advice line is buzzing – and there are also several key lawsuits pending before various courts that could have major ramifications.  She says two are over the issue of whether Indian tribes – as sovereign entities – should have to comply with the political reform act:

“It’s a huge case.  During oral argument in front of the court of appeal,  one of the judges said, my 20 years on the court of appeal bench, I’ve never seen a case more likely to go to the US Supreme court on this one.”

Another major case pending involves whether ballot initiative committees that are controlled by candidates should be subject to the same contribution limits as a candidate’s individual campaign.