Wildfires Burn Statewide

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(Sacramento, Ca)
Thursday, July 13, 2006

Officials say they’re most concerned about the Sawtooth fire in San Bernardino County.  More than 40-thousand acres have burned and Forestry and Fire Protection Director Ruben Grijalva says things are likely to get worse:

“The conditions right now in the southern California fire are expected temps of 110 degrees and 5% humidity, those are very difficult conditions to work in and so the outlook is that there is a significant threat that the fire will continue to grow.”

He says they’re worried about possible storms with lightning – which sparked the fire to begin with.  Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in the area.  Grijalva says it’s also very possible the Sawtooth fire will merge with a smaller fire – 3600 acres – known as the Millard Complex.  Right now there are less than five miles between the two.
Meantime, crews in Northern California continue to fight the Canyon fire in Stanislaus county – which has burned close to 25-thousand acres.   Grijalva is quick to point out the state has sufficient resources to contain all of the fires burning right now.