Plan to House Some Immigrant Inmates Out-Of-State

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 10, 2006

Acting Corrections and Rehabilitation Secretary Jim Tilton says he has more than 16-thousand inmates in gyms, common areas and other what he terms “inappropriate” places.  He says housing inmates out-of-state who are set to be deported once their sentences are finished may be cheaper:

“By contracting with other states I’ve got 5,000 inmates that can be housed without having to hire additional correctional officers.”

Right now there are thousands of unfilled correctional officer positions.  Draft legislation released by the Governor’s office proposes other ways to come up with about 40-thousand beds over the next five years – including re-entry facilities for inmates set to be released and possibly housing inmates at a state hospital.  The long-term plan includes two new prisons.  State Treasurer and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides has also released a plan to fix the prison crisis.  He proposes building more facilities as well.