State Parks Get Budget Boost

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, July 7, 2006

They’re still celebrating at the State Department of Parks and Recreation, says spokesman Roy Stearns: 

“This is probably the most exciting thing for our people in 20 years.  I look around the system and I see people that are almost giddy.”

Stearns say it’s been at least that long – 20 years – that some maintenance projects have been put off.  Things like new wastewater treatment plants, fences, restrooms, crumbling walls at Sutter’s
Fort in Sacramento, and rusted lifeguard chairs on Southern California beaches.  Stearns says the actual backlog is more than 900 million dollars – but this is a major boost- for parks and communities around them:

“While we spend some money maintaining parks, the money that goes to local businesses and the community, it’s huge.”

More than 80 million people visit California’s state parks each year.