Homeland Security Reports Opened to Media

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 6, 2006

The Office of Homeland Security gave us access to more than 80 reports – what’s known as the “daily brief:” A compendium of news articles, information from law enforcement agencies, and even a few weather reports…. That’s in relation to a possible terrorist threat during, say, a flood.   Sensitive information was redacted, though topics weren’t deleted.  They included: eco-terrorism, bomb scares, the animal rights movement, and female suicide bombers – to name a few.  On March 7th, there was a round-up of protest activity throughout the state. Deputy Director Chris Bertelli says that was reported by a contractor – and was a one-time error:

“We wanted to open up the daily briefs that were part of the issues in question to make sure people understood that this issue was never gathered before that day, that day that was in question  we instructed our people to never gather them again and subsequent to that day they never were gathered.”

The state Attorney General’s office has been highly critical of the protest information included in the report.  SOC