State Pushing Children's Health Care Programs

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 5, 2006

The head of the state’s Health and Human Services Department said Wednesday that more California children should be enrolled in either “Healthy Families” or Medi-Cal – the state’s low-cost and no-cost health plans.

Kim Belshe says more than 400,000 California children are eligible. 

"We have to find the parents of these kids, we need to help them understand the importance of health coverage and make them aware that there are programs at no cost and low cost to provide health care services and support." 

She says Governor Schwarzenegger’s recently signed budget provides $80 million to boost enrollment.

But Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides says that’s not enough. He says the state should do more to expand health insurance to all children, including undocumented immigrant children.