Galt Okays Tough Rules For Sex Offenders

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, July 4, 2006

It forces them to stay at least 300-feet away from schools, playgrounds and other places kids hang out. City Councilman Tom Malson supported the ordinance. 

"By enacting an emergency ordinance we’re basically sending a message. How it’s going to flow out in the future, I don’t know. I know that the state law is silent on this issue that’s why the cities have started enacting these kinds of ordinance." 

The cities of Folsom and Elk Grove and Sacramento County have already approved similar laws. This latest ordinance was prompted by word that a convicted sex offender – Timothy Lee Boggs – is set to be released in about a week and could be living in the area.

Opponents of the ordinance say it’s too broad and groups relatively minor sex offenders in with more serious ones.