New Cell Phone Recycling Law

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 3, 2006

If you have an old cell phone or two lying around, you probably know it’s illegal to simply pitch them.  They’re considered toxic electronic waste.  But now it’s easier to get rid of them.   Just take them to any retailer that carries cell phones.  They’re required under the new law to take them.  The same applies for re-chargeable batteries, as well.  Mark Murray is with Californians Against Waste:

“This is really an important step in terms of producer responsibility, that retailers that are in the business of selling cell phones, selling re-chargeable batteries are now going to have to be in the businesses of collecting them and recycling those devices.”

Murray says many retailers have teamed up with companies that refurbish cell phones, so many phones will get re-used.  He says the parts of obsolete phones can be recycled, as well.  Murray says in 2004, seven percent of cell phones were recycled.