Governor Launches Live Q&A Sessions

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Governor was animated during his inaugural webcast- answering questions about everything from why he vetoed the gay marriage bill last year – to his personal schedule.  A Sacramento T.V. reporter vetted the questions, out of hundreds that were submitted before and during the live cast:

Moderator:  “Let’s move on to a question from Dan, from Yreka, CA.  He says 'Governor, first you came into the office as a centrist reformer, then you took a hard right in the special election.'  He says this year he thinks you’ve gone to the left and he wants to know where you really stand philosophically." 

Governor: " I think I stand exactly where I was when I was elected governor, which is that I’m in the center.”

He also took a stance on one other issue – if he was a color – what would it be.  Schwarzenegger said red…because it’s firey. The Governor’s Press Secretary says he plans to do webcasts frequently.  

A campaign strategist for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Treasurer Phil Angelides says the Governor should instead hold town hall meetings in an uncontrolled setting. 
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