City Looks At Changing Mobile Food Vendor Rules

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Oak Park resident Linda Robertson is fed up. She’s tired of having mobile food vendors park in her neighborhood. 

"They create loitering. They’ll hang out there for a long, long time. You don’t want somebody parked in front of your house for half an hour with that music going." 

She told the city council’s Law and Legislation Committee Tuesday to do something about it.

But Kimba Kabaka who runs the Roots-N-Kulcha food truck in Midtown says not all mobile food vendors are bad neighbors.  

"Before we were at 24th and K Street, that particular lot was an eyesore. I feel like we add to the community, we bring culture, we’re the only vegan Caribbean café in Sacramento."

Committee members voted Tuesday to form a task force that will come up with a new ordinance addressing issues such as where mobile food vendors can operate and hours of operation.