Bill Would Let Employers Know About Registered Sex Offenders

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 19, 2006

The bill would require registered sex offenders to let an employer know about their status – if a job requires them to touch children in an accompanied setting.  Think mall Santa Claus.  Republican Assemblyman Todd Spitzer is the bill’s author:

“It’s having that employer do that initial screening to make that determination that this is not an appropriate job for a sex offender.”

Spitzer says it doesn’t actually make it illegal for a sex offender to get the job – but speculates there could be some civil liability on the employer’s part.   Jim Lindburg with the Friends Committee on Legislation of California opposes the bill.  He says it won’t be effective:

“Santa Claus is up there in full view and we don’t think that sex offenders are so stupid as to carry on this behavior in front of adults especially when there’s cameras flashing.”

Lindburg says the bill will only reduce some employment opportunities for sex offenders.

The bill  has passed the Assembly and faces its first Senate committee test Tuesday.