Yosemite Reopens Scenic Route

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, June 16, 2006

Tioga Road is closed much of the year because of the threat of avalanches. Yosemite spokeswoman Ariel Kelly says plow crews have been working for weeks to clear it for summer visitors. 

"There’s 26 avalanche zones that they have to make safe for everyone to go through."

The road – which enters Yosemite from the East - passes through Tuolumne Meadows which Kelly says is not only one of the park’s most popular attractions it’s also the highest elevation route through the Sierra Nevada. 

"It’s beautiful out there - 10,000 feet being able to look out and see still some remaining snow on the snow caps."

The reopening of Tioga Road will also give visitors another way to enter Yosemite after a rockslide closed Highway 140 earlier this month.