Commentary: Father's Day is Thanksgiving Day For Dad

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, June 16, 2006

Chuck Dalldorf is Special Assistant to Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo

Father’s Day 2006 is a time of glorious transition in my house.  My 18-year-old son Peter graduated from McClatchy High School a week ago and he will be attending UC Santa Cruz this fall. 

This Father’s Day I am especially grateful for the incredible gift my son has been to me.  It is not a day to celebrate being a father, but my Thanksgiving Day – where I give thanks to Peter for all that he has taught me. Peter has been the most balanced person, adult or child, I have ever known. 

 I worked for many elected officials in challenging jobs and Peter kept me centered through play, and laughter.  When my head started to get too big, or I became too consumed by the demands of the job, Peter quickly readjusted me and showed me what was important.  And what was important? It was not amendments, elections or initiatives.  It was sitting on the floor and playing together.  That was all that was needed to quickly erase an insane day. 

Playing with Peter allowed me to recapture long forgotten loving memories of my own childhood and to remember all the good things my parents did for me.  Peter has been the calming center through several, major life transitions.  Whatever challenges I have faced, Peter has been there to support me.  He listened to me, hugged me and he has always stood by me. I have nothing but love, admiration and I am completely thankful for the gifts Peter has given to me. 

This Father’s Day, I am indebted to my son.