Businesses And Employees Work To Spare The Air

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Every time there’s a Spare the Air Day, the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce will send an e-mail to small and medium sized companies asking them to conduct business in a way that reduces auto emissions.  One company taking part in the program is the environmental research firm of Jones and Stokes. Spokeswoman Maggie Townsley says her business reimburses employees for the cost of taking public transit on Spare the Air Days: 
The other sort of different things we’ve been doing are actually purchasing company bikes so staffers can use those, so folks that don’t have bikes, can run their errands during the midday and not get in their car.

There are 61 thousand businesses in the Sacramento region, and most are small to medium sized.  Air quality experts estimate if employees of those firms could stay out of their cars on Spare the Air Days, more than 60 tons of ozone emissions could be eliminated each year.