New Search On For Wi-Fi Provider

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 12, 2006

MobilePro’s decision to pull out of Sacramento means it’s back to square one for the city officials in charge of establishing high-speed wireless internet access.

But Jim Reinhardt with the city says the new search should move a lot quicker since city staff have more experience in the matter. He says it’ll probably push the timetable back by a month. 

"I honestly believe we’ve learned a lot with the technology changing so much over the last 18 months that a month, month and a half is not going to put us behind too far, indeed almost to the contrary, what we’ve learned going through the exercise allows us to accept what we can and to move forward and press for what we need."   

MobilePro executives say they backed out of Sacramento because the city wanted them to establish a free Wi-Fi network and pay for it by selling ads – something they say isn’t financially viable.