Election Problem Fallout

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, June 8, 2006

From computer glitches to pollworkers not showing up to voter access cards not working properly - some voters *were* turned away Tuesday and told to come back later.  Kim Alexander of the non-profit non-partisan California Voter Foundation is worried about the long-term effects:

 “When people show up at polling places to vote and they’re told they can’t vote and they’ll have to come back later it undermines people’s confidence in the entire process and that lack of confidence in turn can undermine people’s sense of legitimacy about the politicians we elect through our elections.”

This was the first California election where counties were required to have a verified paper trail….and Alexander says a lot more research and testing should be done before November to avoid similar problems.  Alexander says in a survey the Voter Foundation did of un-registered voters two years ago, one of the major reasons people gave for not voting was a lack of confidence in the process.