Schwarzenegger Begins The Campaign

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, June 7, 2006
Wednesday he’ll travel the northern part of the state, stopping in places like Chico and Redding.  Thursday he’s expected to tour the Central Valley.  Before a scheduled Cabinet meeting one Election Day, Schwarzenegger told reporters he’s ready for the campaign: 
“I’m really enthusiastically looking forward to this campaign, and the reason is because we have a great record to compare with anyone else.  I think we have really moved this state forward. “
With the countdown now on to the November election, Schwarzenegger is hoping to revive his image with voters.  A recent Field Poll found 46 percent of Californians don’t like the job the governor is doing, while 41 percent approve.  Schwarzenegger’s approval ratings have held steady this year, and have improved over surveys taken at the end of last year.