Prop 82: Voters Give Preschool Initiative A Failing Grade

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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Proposition 82 would have provided access to pre-school for all children by taxing the wealthiest Californians.  Executive director of the California Association of School Administrators Bob Wells supported the measure….and though he’s disappointed it failed, he says there’s a silver lining:

‘I think it’s really positive. I think there’s a much higher level of awareness now, around California that quality pre-school counts.”
Montessori School director Amanda Ricietti  was opposed to 82, and calls its defeat a victory:

“Now that we’ve defeated this proposition 82 we are actually going to put our energy towards helping children that need to have pre-school.”

She says money should go instead to organizations that help disadvantaged children attend pre-school.  Wells says low voter turnout may have affected the outcome and says it’s tempting to try again.