Assembly Democrats Predict An On-Time State Budget

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, June 7, 2006
The constitutional deadline to pass the budget out of the Senate and Assembly is June 15th.
Steve Maviglio, spokesman for the Assembly Democratic leader, says members of the Senate/Assembly budget conference committee have been keeping lawmakers informed of negotiations:
They go back to their caucus and tell them at different negotiating points where they are and coming back to the conference with an update of where they’re going to be, so with the end product, there’s really no surprise to anyone.
Maviglio says no surprises are a good thing, because that means when the budget comes to the Assembly floor, it can be voted on and approved in one day and on time.
But a spokesman for the Republican Assembly members says there are still some differences to be ironed out, including repaying more of the state debt and cutting more on spending.